Friday, 8 October 2021

Backstage Pass


Backstage Pass

I’m not the type of girl who gets what she wants in life.
Staying at home, working on the internet, and having no social life has made me into somewhat of a hermit.
So, I figure, what better way to make friends than to get a full-time job?

After countless interviews, I get hired as a social media manager for a boy band.

Since I start on Monday, my best friend convinces me to come out and party with her.
And guess what?
I end up making out with a tall, dark, handsome stranger.
We end up dancing all night long, and I realize he had this overpowering electric vitality.
I wasn’t opposed to seeing more…
Regretfully—we don’t get the chance to exchange numbers, and the night ends before I can put a name to that ‘guy I made out with at the club.’

But that’s not what fate had in store for me.
On Monday, I find out that the guy from the club is the lead singer of the band I’ll be working for.
To my embarrassment—he remembers our kiss.
Judging by the way he dominates me with his up-and-down stare, I can almost be certain he wants another one.

As much as I’m willing to get to know the world’s next singing sensation, my job is on the line, and his reputation could fall to shambles.
‘The Lead Singer of Boy Band, Halos, Kisses A Nobody Manager From NYC’ is a headline that could shatter Leo Orlov’s reputation.

But when his sociopathic boss makes him choose between me and fame, will he make the right choice, or will he lose his way forever?

Backstage Pass is a standalone romance with a happily ever after ending~ 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

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