Monday, 12 April 2021

Baby for Sugar Daddy


Baby for Sugar Daddy

I was fifteen when I first laid eyes on him.
Jordan Ashford. My Dad’s business partner…
And the meat of all my biggest sexual fantasies.

Ten years later, we’re buying a company together.
I’m determined to keep my teenage lust under wraps.
I’m a grown woman now, and I can’t throw it all away... 
Not over some cocky sugar daddy in a suit.

But he’s not just any guy in a suit. 
He’s the guy - perfect for me in every way.
Dare I say...even more perfect than the guy I’m engaged to?

It’s bad enough that we’re working long late nights together alone.
Things get out of hand quick. 
And by that I mean - his hands, all over me. 
But I’ve wanted this for too long to resist. 

Indulgence is a sin that has never felt so good,
But the consequences...they sting like hell,
And come in the form of two pink lines on a little stick.

We’re risking our careers and all ties to my father…
But when it feels this good, is it wrong to say it’s worth it? 

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