Saturday, 17 April 2021




Emma has a personal secret…

…a secret not even her best friend knows about.

Or so she thought!

It’s Valentines tomorrow and Emma has all but given up hope on finding romance in Pine Valley. After all, her small sleepy town only has only so many men to go around. She forgets about love and throws herself into her business instead. But it’s in her florist shop where she encounters the local deputy. The deputy that has her pulse racing from across the counter. He comes with a warning though.

Is Emma too infatuated with the deputy to really hear what he’s saying?

She wants to tell him her secret. But she’s afraid. Afraid of what the deputy might think. Afraid it could ruin everything before it even starts.

Should Emma confide in the deputy and what will he think of her if she does?

You’ll love this older man in uniform, insta-love, hot and steamy romance because it’s filled with enough suspense to keep you reading. Comes with HEA and No Cliffhangers!

US / UK / Canada / Australia

Book 1

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