Tuesday 13 April 2021

Bratva's Brat

Bratva's Brat


Chelsea has had it up to here with love. 
The man she’d fallen for has turned his back on her. 
Now, she’s in the clutches of a monster that wants to own her body and soul, and she will pay for her crimes against the university at the hands of this dangerous stranger.


Grigori wasn’t looking for love. Hell, he wasn’t even looking for a relationship. He was too busy orchestrating an operation to find his cousin. But, Chelsea fell into his lap at just the right moment. 
What he needs is a meek, quiet, submissive. 
That’s not Chelsea. 
Her smart mouth and complete disregard for the rules pushes every button he has. 
At some point, one of them is going to break, and Grigori is determined it won’t be him. 

Bratva’s Brat is the second book in The Loftry University Playthings series. This story includes adult themes that may not be appropriate for some readers.


US / UK / Canada / Australia 

Book 1

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