Thursday 22 April 2021

Daddy Knows Best

Daddy Knows Best

 An irresistible collection of four full length standalone taboo romances, featuring growly alpha males and their feisty girls who are so willing to learn a thing or two from their daddies.

Books Included:

My Secret Daddy 
He is everything I ever wanted.
But I can never have him.
It was just one night with William Hart.
He took my virginity, but I knew that had to be the end.
I’m too young for him.
And he’s too set in his bachelor ways.
I’m a shy country girl.
William is a powerful lawyer with an extravagant city life.
We could never work.
That doesn’t mean I don’t still want him though.
He may be old enough to be my father,
But that only makes me long for his touch.
One mistake leads to another.
And when I find out I’m pregnant,
I know I’m in trouble...

Yes Daddy 
I’m so tempted to claim Eden. 
So tempted to ravish her. 
But she’s the woman who is completely off limits. 
She works at my beach house as a maid.
She’s over a decade younger than me. 
Gorgeous. Submissive. Innocent. 
I’m insanely protective of her. 
And I care about what she thinks of me. 
I’ve got a past. 
Things that won’t sit well with her. 
Drama that might tear us apart. 
But her safety and happiness come first. 
And I need her troublesome stepfather to back off. 
Eden is my responsibility. 
She has my heart. 
Will she want to keep it once she finds out what I’m hiding?

Forbidden Daddy 
Mr. McHottie lives right next door.
He’s older, and I’m just a college student.
Add some icing on the cake. 
He’s my landlord.
An unexpected twist of fate throws us together.
I’m just trying to make it through the final weeks of college before heading off to med school.
It takes one misunderstanding to ruin everything. 
One look at the pregnancy strip, 
One twist of fate…
And I’m wondering if Nate can be more than a fun distraction. 
Do second chances really exist?  

Billionaire Daddy 
Devil, Shark, Beast… 
Drew Carson is known by a lot of names.
Beyond ruthless, he’s the king of hostile takeovers. 
Now, I’m his new assistant and, I have to admit, a little scared. 
Because I can’t seem to do anything right and Drew expects competence. 
Yet, something lurks beneath his intense, increasingly heated looks. 
Something is missing that his billions can’t buy. 
He’s used to getting what he wants and I’m pretty sure his new target is me. 
Despite our increasing attraction, he’s my much older boss and off-limits.
It’s a line we vowed not to cross. 
Until the electricity becomes too much to ignore and passion ignites us. 
We’ve both been burned by past relationships and Drew has demons. 
Together, I know we can heal each other.
Because I’ve never known a love so intense, so all-consuming. 
Then, secrets are revealed and the two most important people in my life come to blows. 
I feel like I’m being torn in two, my loyalties tested to the limit. 
And, I’m left with a horrible choice to make. 
Do I choose love or family? 

If you are a fan of forbidden, older man younger woman, age gap billionaire office romances featuring secret babies and second chances, then you are sure to love this box set. 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

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