Saturday, 10 April 2021

Bully's Second Chance


Bully's Second Chance

I remember every mean thing he said to me when we were neighbors a decade ago… 

I hated him. 
Jackson “Jax” Levy… 
Billionaire, irresistible, more arrogant than I would ever be able to handle. 
But as luck would have it, I didn’t have a choice but to put up with him. 
Years later, him and I came together for a strange arrangement. 
secret arrangement. 
I moved in with him to care for his dying father, and no one could find out. 
The word of his illness couldn’t reach the media. 
Lucky for him, I was good at keeping secrets. 
I was also good at being an obedient employee. 
But apparently, I wasn’t good at keeping my distance from him. 
There was a part of me that still hated him. 
But his touch sparked something in me that I never knew existed. 
One thing led to another and all rules were broken. 
All we were left with was a surprise. 
A surprise baby that was about to change the nature of this impossible arrangement… 

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