Friday, 30 April 2021

Consumed By Lust


Consumed By Lust

I am all set to get behind the wheel and drive to the coveted job interview which might land me the job of my dreams when I see the front tire of my car flat as a pancake. I feel sweat breaking through my navy-blue pantsuit and my perfect make-up melts off my face as I contemplate my options and the impact of one flat tire on my future career. 
I am sweaty, anxious, and fidgety but his intense glare has me feeling a whole other spectrum of feelings I haven’t felt in a long time. His eyes are glued on my mouth as I speak and for a moment I wonder if he even understands a word I am saying. My Spanish lessons come back to me and I speak clearer this time. “¿Me entiendes?”


I am jammed deep underneath my car’s chassis trying to fix the radiator leak when I see the most beautiful legs stuck inside blood-red heels on my side of the car. When I hear her frustrated voice I roll away from under the car to look at the most stunning creature I ever laid eyes on. After I fix her little problem I tell her to bring the bad tire back so I can fix it and a moment later, I watch as she turns on the ignition and drives away and I can’t help but wonder if I’ll ever see this sultry vixen again.


She is fifteen minutes late and I am itching to know why a woman who so desperately wants this job, doesn’t bend over backward to be there on time. I am about to find out as she slowly walks toward me, her hair a silky waterfall I’d like to run my hands through, her breasts large enough to sleep against and that gorgeous mouth I can’t stop staring at as she blabbers on about how sorry she is for being late and how she wants to pay for damaging my car. Her uneasiness is blatantly obvious and I have already imagined her underneath me, begging for my cock as she takes a sip of her frothy cappuccino. Yes, it's going to be a pleasure having her working under me. 

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