Saturday, 17 April 2021




He has bought her body... Now what about her heart?

‘I paid a good deal of money for you. I hope your brother is doing better.’

I have no idea. The surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, and I am standing in front of you.…

‘What do you want me to do?’ I ask in a trembling voice, touching the blindfold.

My fingers are abruptly removed from my face, and a rough hand is stroking my cheek instead.

I feel like a toy that has been praised for obedience.

‘Spend a few nights with me.’


‘Believe me, you will enjoy it.’

His hand touches my face again. That’s it. The game has begun.


I sold my body to a stranger to save my brother’s life. I know nothing about him. Our trysts take place either in complete darkness, or he blindfolds me. I only remember the deep, slightly hoarse voice, the exquisite mint fragrance, the burning touch of his fingers that drives me crazy. I've never seen him, and I never will. That was our deal.

However, one day I realize that I have already met the man before. He came into my life on purpose, and he does not intend to let me go. Who is he?

Plunge into the world of unique, sensual emotions, intrigue and incredible plot twists. The novel will make you forget everything! Enjoy the action-packed romance novel from Caroline Day, the bestselling author! 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

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