Friday 30 April 2021

Starting Over


Starting Over

Over three years ago my entire world crumbled, everything I thought I knew…gone.

I was left with no choice, I had to leave. 

I had to start over, create something new, it was the only way I could survive.

I knew I was in trouble the moment wild blonde curls with bright red lipstick sat down in my restaurant and my heart jolted. I was shocked back to the land of the living without a single word. The feeling almost foreign to me after so many years.

She is fire and ice. The complete and total opposite of everything I’ve ever known or wanted. 

So why can’t I stay away from her?

It should be easy, she swears she doesn’t want anything to do with me, so why is she everywhere I turn? Even when I close my eyes. She’s there.

I’m haunted by two very different women.

True love doesn’t give second chances, no do-overs. Or does it? 

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Book 1 / Book 2 / Book 3

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