Saturday, 24 April 2021

Dragon Brother's Nanny


Dragon Brother's Nanny

Years ago, I lost my mate and rebuilt my life without her. 
But today, the dragon shifter in me will never let her go. 

Lila is my soulmate. 
There’s no question about that. 
But things are complicated because she’s also my son’s nanny. 
His mother abandoned us, but she never saw me like Lila did. 
A gorgeous human. 
And in trouble. 
Lila is my ex girlfriend but I don’t see her that way. 
She’s the woman my son cares about. 
The human I need to protect. 
She’s also the only one who knows the real me. 
Unfortunately, that brings her more danger than I’d like to admit. 
But the question is… can I save her life and make her realize that she’s already a part of our family? 

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