Tuesday 20 April 2021

Bad Neighbors


Bad Neighbors

After a scandal implodes my family and life, switching to a new university is my only avenue to providing for myself and my younger sister.

When a data entry error assigns me to an all-male quad dormitory with three far-too-attractive men, I’m willing to make it work. We all have our own rooms, and I can just avoid the common areas.

My new roommates aren’t as willing, though. They don’t want me disrupting their male utopia, and are going to do whatever it takes to make me leave. They leave the toilet seat up, eat my food, drink my last Dr. Peppy, and do their best to make my life hell—all to get me to leave.

Until one day… they stop. Instead of trying to push me out, they make my head spin when they ramp up the charm.

Something tells me not to trust this complete reversal, that they have ulterior motives. That they may just break my heart.

They can break my heart. But they can’t push me out. Not with my sister depending on me…not with our future at stake.


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