Friday 30 April 2021




She was just supposed to be another beautiful woman I spent one night with, but once I had a taste of her, I couldn’t stay away… 

Lila Stone is too good for a broken man like me.
I knew it the moment I smiled at her and blew her that kiss through the window at the party.
Yet somehow, this wounded rancher managed to convince her to come to bed with him.
And that’s all it was supposed to be.
One night of bliss…
No different from the ones I’ve spent with lots of women over the years trying to put my past behind me.
Only Lila isn’t the kind of woman you can forget.
She buried her way into my soul so deeply, I never want her to leave.
Despite the physical distance between us and a secret that may tear us apart…
I’m determined to make her mine and keep her that way.
To let this be my second chance at love.
But will the truth be able to heal old scars, or will it only serve to tear them wide open again? 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

Book 1 / Book 2

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