Thursday, 8 April 2021

Risky Hero


Risky Hero

Miles of muscles. Cocky as a god. Alpha TROUBLE. V-card slayer. Stranger Danger, indeed... And I just let him in my car!

Jackson’s the best disaster a girl could run into.
Eight pack abs. Hang-on-baby biceps. Devil-may-care-pantry-dropping grin.

Then he goes and saves me. Not once. But twice.

And I hand over my V-card at long last. Because Mr. Wrong Side of the Road makes me hot in all the right ways.

Not like I planned on carrying it around forever. But my father taught me about all the things I didn’t want in my life.

So an affair with Jackson was perfect. No strings. No complicated messes.

My protective walls would keep doing their job.

But turns out Jackson’s touch unraveled my orderly world from the inside out. Only as my walls come down, his go up.

Can my scars and his untethered life mesh?

Fire fuses some things and tears other things in half. But the heat’s got to get really hot to find out which will happen to us.

From the queen of smoking hot action adventure romance Jenna Gunn - an alpha rescuer first lover romance set in on the beautiful beaches of Outer Banks or North Carolina.. Full of unexpected twists, window-steaming heat, and a hero so tasty you’ll be sizzling for days. A full length book with a happy ever after that will send you dreaming. 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

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