Wednesday, 10 March 2021

(Accidentally) Married to the Jerk


(Accidentally) Married to the Jerk

What was supposed to happen:
His brother proposing to my best friend with a beautiful ring.

What actually happened:
We got drunk, stole the ring, and got married instead.

This officially makes me the worst best friend in the history of best friends.
Yes, I sound like a mess but I promise I wasn’t always this way.
When your fiancé dumps you right before the wedding, it shreds your life into pieces.
And when you’re forced to start over, you make idiotic mistakes.
My mistake looks like a wedding ring and a marriage certificate.
It also looks like a bath full of tears and mascara running so far down my cheeks that I’m actually terrified of myself.
My accidental “husband” is devilishly handsome and obscenely rich.
But he’s also a jerk.
A fact that I forgot while I was letting loose in Vegas.

But I can fix this. Of course, I can.
Unless something stops me.
Something like… another accident.
One that looks like a baby!

Kenny is too irresistible and Vicky is too stubborn. But the war of words is only the beginning of their impossible happily ever after! 

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