Thursday 11 March 2021

Clashing Waves


Clashing Waves

Stacy Hartman came into Hawaii with a lot of cash and stubbornness that was very much belied by her petite size. She thought she could easily buy her way into the life of Jordan Lewis, but soon finds he is not what she expected.

'Stacy couldn't deny the electricity that shot through her body at the contact.'

He’s more gorgeous in person than she could have imagined, and is clearly taking great lengths to hide his deeper feelings.
As she fights to break down his barriers, she can feel her attraction growing just as she can feel his desire for her build as well.

.'Stacy could feel her heart start a low thrum as she pictured herself running her hands over those well-defined muscles. She restrained herself from licking her lips.'

Stacy represented everything Jordan despised; rich and entitled, or so he thought. He was determined not to associate with her, but the more he keeps sending her away, the more she keeps coming back.

'This woman had curves that could tempt a pope.'

With both of their pasts casting shadows over their lives, can they discover that they are more alike than they think and find themselves experiencing more than just sun and surfing together? 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

Book 2 / Book 3 

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