Sunday 28 March 2021

My Hero


My Hero

“I know we’ve gotten off to a terrible start, but I hope it can get better from here,” he says, “I’m Sawyer Davies.”
He offers me his hand and I shake it.
Fuck. I know who Sawyer Davies is. Bassist for My Hero. I’m kicking myself for not recognizing him as soon as he sat down.  
“Julia Patrick,” I tell him.  
“Very nice to meet you, Julia,” he says.  
Then, he smiles at me again and I really can’t help but warm up to him a little more. He’s got that smile that makes you think he got away with murder as a child. That smile that probably lands him a dozen girls a night.  
I try not to be charmed by it.  
I fail. Miserably. 

She moves like a consummate professional. I raise an eyebrow, realizing that I’d pegged Julia Patrick all kinds of wrong. She’s not the shrinking violet I’d assumed she was.
“Shut up and listen to Julia,” I snap.  
I blink a few times, startled by my own voice. I never talk back to people. Ever. Politeness was engrained in me from childhood. But I need to speak up on Julia’s behalf. The idea of Liam steamrolling her makes me see red.  
“Thanks,” she says. Her voice is a whisper, the tone I imagine her using late at night in the arms of the man lucky enough to be in her bed, confessing her secrets or laughing at an inside joke.
Liam may not want a babysitter, but sense of order and accountability might be just what this band needs to survive.  
Julia. We definitely need Julia.
Or maybe that’s just me. 

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