Tuesday 30 March 2021

The Sheikh's Baby Surprise

The Sheikh's Baby Surprise

Sheikh Samir al Husseini has sworn off love, but when a one night stand leads to a lifetime of consequences, marriage is the only choice…

Tall, dark, handsome and charming, Samir ticks every single one of Aria’s boxes. Their weekend of passion takes her breath away, until at the end of it, he invites her to return to Alhajar…as his mistress!

It’s clear to Samir that Aria is offended by his offer, but having buried his beloved wife and been left with the care of their young son, he swore that he would never again suffer the pain that came with such love.

But the discovery that his fling with Aria had unforeseen consequences changes everything. Aria will be bound to Samir for the rest of their lives…if she’ll still have him. The only condition? His heart will never be up for grabs.

A sweeping, passionate story. The seventh book in The Montebello series can be read as the powerful conclusion to this family saga or as a standalone novel with its own HEA. Enjoy catching up with all your favourite characters in cameo appearances in THE SHEIKH'S BABY SURPRISE.


US / UK / Canada / Australia 

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