Sunday 14 March 2021

Hard Crush


Hard Crush

A Student Teacher College Romance


Preparation is the key to success.
That’s the motto I live by.
And I’ve done nothing but prepare for my future every day since I can remember.
To get everything I want, all I need to do is get through my senior year of college.
I fully expect this semester to be just like any other—until he walks in.
My infuriatingly handsome new professor, Luke.
He’s young, with deep green eyes, dark hair, and a voice that could melt the panties right off a nun. You combine that with his tall frame and the muscles straining beneath his conservative sweaters, and you’ve got the perfect storm of off-limits man candy.
This is bad. Like, really bad.
And not only because my boyfriend is sitting right next to me, but because this professor is the exact type of distraction I don’t need. I tell myself to shake off this ridiculous crush because it can’t go anywhere good, but the more I see Luke, the more I talk to him, I can’t ignore this magnetic connection we share.
When my boyfriend’s cheating ways are revealed, I finally take the plunge and give in to my desires for Luke. Our passion is beyond anything I’ve ever known. It’s explosive, intoxicating, and just might consume me whole.
But professors aren’t allowed to date students, and if we’re not careful, this hard crush could ruin both our lives…

From Bestselling author Shae Sullivan comes a new, thoroughly forbidden student-teacher college romance, HARD CRUSH. If you love your men smart and sexy with thick…glasses…this book is for you! Standalone romance. HEA. 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

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