Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Saving Her


Saving Her

A Medical Romance Box Set (1-3)

Jane Caldwell went to the hospital with her heart in her hands. She had a bump in her breast and had just done a mammography. Hoping for the best and expecting the worst, Jane walked timidly into the doctor’s office. But instead of concentrating on the result of her test, she was swept off her feet by the dashing doctor delivering the result.
Andy Connor had resumed office prepared for another boring day at work. Instead, he met the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen and had to take a risk to meet up with her after. He was a billionaire and she found that out quickly. It didn’t make a difference to her though, Jane was more interested in the man than his accounts.
A weekend getaway together was meant to bond them closer. But does it succeed in doing that? What happens when Jane discovers Andy's secret obsession and how much of a strain does it put on their relationship? Sizzling sex cannot paper over every crack.
They’re different people from different worlds. Does that mar their budding relationship or make it all the more interesting? 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

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