Friday, 26 March 2021




What’s a guy to do to save his MLB career after one too many of his exploits hit the tabloids? 
Marry his housekeeper, apparently…

I’m a pretty laid back guy who doesn’t take much outside my job seriously, preferring to party my way through life. But my poor decisions have landed me with The Bad Boy of Baseball title. I’m totally cool with it, management however, is not.

Lucky my kickass agent’s got a plan to save my butt. Unfortunately, it involves a fake wife in the form of my cute AF housekeeper, and she comes toting a psychotic parrot that’s out for my blood.

It doesn’t take long to realize more than just the wellbeing of my fingers is at risk. Because suddenly, I’m seeing Tia as more than my friend and employee, and my feelings for her are anything but fake.

*Risky is a laugh out loud, steamy, contemporary rom com about a sports star with a heart of gold falling for his feisty friend despite her guard parrot's best efforts. 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

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