Friday, 26 March 2021

Hunted by Her Captors


Hunted by Her Captors

They may have taken me prisoner. But I hold the keys to their hearts. 

I accidentally ruined their truck, so they took me captive.
Now I’m trapped in a mansion with three hot mobsters! 
Thinking I’m smart, I offer them a deal.
I’ll improve their party by sewing costumes and dancing for entertainment. 
That way I’ll work off my debt and make enough to go to Ballet school.
However, I quickly learn that you don’t make deals with devils.
They turn the tables on me by locking the doors.
I’m afraid they’ll never let me go. 
The three D’Amico brothers are as dangerous as they are attractive.
Wealthy, devious, and demanding, they get everything that they want.
And right now, they want me.
I suggest we play a treasure hunt game with me as the prize.
Once the night is over, freedom should be mine.
But what happens if after all this I don’t want to go?

Will brother fight against brother for me?
Or will these selfish men learn to share ? 

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