Sunday, 14 March 2021

Brutal Love


Brutal Love

I'm not a good man. I've killed, tortured others in the name of my family, for my uncle, for my father. I've been sent to a new place, one that I've never been before. It's where I meet her. Adelina is light in a dark world, she looks at everything in a different way, and brings happiness to others. She's everything I want, but shouldn't have. And our families are about to go to war over territory. What does that mean for us?

I love to see people happy. My grandmother says something is coming and I believe her. And then I see him. Ivan. I run into him, though he doesn't see me at first. I watched him be violent and then turn around and treat a little child with care, and a dog with love. He thinks he's not redeemable, but I think differently. We keep our trysts a secret since our families are about to go to war. I don't believe that Ivan's people mean us any harm, we can live in harmony. But my father disagrees. What does this mean for us?

Bleeding Souls, Saved by Love 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

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