Thursday 18 March 2021

Suds and Sam Plus One


Suds and Sam Plus One

What do a pee stick, a surrogate mom, and a hitman have in common?

LOL!  You'll  have to download this hilarious new adventure to find out. 

Our friend, trying to be helpful, throws Suds and Sam a cushy case. It's easy-squeezy right up to the point she's taken by international baby brokers. 

Of course, if you ask her, none of this is her fault.

In a mess of confusion, Sam's mobster uncle hires Frankie to shoot me. If he misses, her cousins might do the job or my police chief father-in-law, or possibly, the blue-haired salon ladies.

God help me.

Haven't read any of the series yet? No worries. Jump right in, the water is warm, especially in the Bahamas. 

US / UK / Canada / Australia  

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