Friday, 17 September 2021

Back To You


Back To You

You just don’t date your best friend’s brother, do you?

I mean, It’s an unwritten rule…

Yet, I fell for him.

But tragedy tore us apart.

And I ran away.

Fast forward 4 years…

I’m kinda holding on to the hope that Garrett has moved on…

And I don’t get to face him again – EVER.

Fate acts funny at times though.

I can’t believe that I ended up working at the same place as him.

I know life is not easy,

But mine has become the hardest and the most painful.

I can no longer ignore the connection between us.

And, when we give our relationship a chance again,

Tragedy strikes us even harder.

But this time, I’m not letting him go.

This time there isn’t anyone to tear us apart.

Because I can’t stay away from Garrett freaking Willis.

And I’m not letting this tragedy keep me away from my happily ever after. 

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