Friday 24 September 2021

Just Looking


Just Looking

She was just looking for her birth mother.
But instead she may have found a whole new kind of family.

Astrid Lucas has been searching for information about her birth family for years. When she finally finds a scrap, an address, she leaps at the chance. So she packs up her bags and drives across the country in the hopes of finding answers about her life. But when she arrives, things aren’t quite what she expected.

Instead of being greeted by her birth mother, she’s met by the most molten-hot hunk of a man she’s ever laid eyes on. Which would be a great consolation prize…if he didn’t already have an equally hot boyfriend.

But the two gorgeous guys, Reed and Cameron, take an interest in Astrid and her story (not to mention her curvy figure) and offer to help her with her search.

They open their homes and their hearts to this strange girl who showed up on their doorstep, and the three of them immediately find a chemistry that none of them expected.

She came here in search of answers, but now she’s left with a million more questions. But now, she’s not quite ready for the search to be over, because accomplishing what she set out to do means going back to her “real” life. Even if it means leaving behind the realest thing she’s ever known.

But Reed and Cam have other plans in mind for her; they have no intentions of giving her up so easily.

Will Astrid’s hunt send her home empty-handed?
Or will searching for her past give her a future better than anything she’s ever dreamed?

Just Looking is a bisexual reverse harem romance with high heat MM and MFM scenes. (Swords do cross in this one!) It has no cliffhangers and no cheating, but it does have lots of steam and a happily ever after for everyone involved. 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

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