Friday, 17 September 2021

Dragon Rival's Mate


Dragon Rival's Mate

She's a diamond in the rough.
And we dragons do love our treasures.

You'd think a guy who can turn into a dragon
would have enough excitement in his life.
But after a few hundred years,
the novelty really wears off.
So I'm desperate for something
to take me out of my rut.
And that something appears in the form of Vanessa Hayes.
I'm bidding on the building she needs for her dream restaurant.
And she's come to make a passionate plea.
I can't resist a pretty girl when she begs.
Especially not one with such sinful curves.
And I definitely can't say no to her
when I realize she's my fated mate.
Making her mine seems almost effortless at first.
But unfortunately,
she's not the only excitement creeping into my life.
A series of mysterious e-mails have been appearing in my inbox,
claiming to know what I am.
At first I wrote them off as a joke,
but when the threats shift from me to those I love,
I'm not laughing anymore.
And when this psycho threatens Vanessa, all bets are off.
Someone should have taught him not to play with fire.
I'll have to reveal myself to save my love.

But will Vanessa accept the truth of who I am?
Or will I be the one to get burned? 

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