Saturday, 18 September 2021




Magic Mike has nothing on Magnum…

Moving 1,500 miles away from my boyfriend isn't ideal, but after graduation, I don't really have any other options. 

After all, he's going on to Harvard Law and he doesn't need any distractions—even if that includes me.

So instead, I head for Miami to be near my brother, Dante.

But when my new place falls through, I end up staying on Dante's couch. 

I'm expecting plenty of sibling quality time, but it turns we aren’t alone. 

Oh, no. His super-hot, playboy best friend Sergio is also living there. 

Did I mention he's tall, dark, and basically sex on a stick?

I mean, his body is so damn chiseled, it looks photoshopped.

Not that I'm looking….

I have a boyfriend. 

And Chad is the perfect guy—even if my brother can't stand him.

But with every day that passes, it’s getting harder and harder to ignore Sergio.

And I’m starting to think all this heat I’m feeling has nothing to do with the scorching Miami nights...

Mangum is a standalone, contemporary brother's best friend romance from author Harper West. If you like off-limits romance with plenty of sweltering heat and a guaranteed HEA, this book is for you! 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

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