Saturday, 18 September 2021

Family Affair


Family Affair

This was not supposed to happen. I liked easy, uncomplicated and baggage free, God knows, I had enough of my own! Anita was none of those things. I didn't even know who she was when I first met her...when we first got together and by the time I did, it was too late because now I needed her like I needed my next breath. I mean, what we were doing wasn't wrong, but my brother, Mase, might not agree.
I wasn't looking for anything, but I found him, a stranger who was now anything but, and I couldn’t imagine my life without him. This was only going to end one way, with me hurt and carrying more baggage and scars than I might be able to bear. We were adults and able to make our own decisions, although, I had a history of bad decision making. When this went wrong it was going to be too close to home and I could only hope that I wouldn't lose my sister, Olivia, because of it. 

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