Friday, 17 September 2021

The Bastard Prince

The Bastard Prince

If my sleeve accidentally rides up, people stare.
“Shark attack,” I usually say.
Sometimes I go with, “Incubating an alien worm for science.”
The less sensational truth is I get dialysis because my kidneys are useless.
But admitting that sad truth tends to reduce an ambitious, fit, plucky journalist to “you poor sick girl.”
That is so not who I am! Especially not at the Cannes Film Festival.
I’m here to schmooze, interview, and hunt scoops for my magazine. Above all, I’m here to pursue a major story that will be my breakthrough.
The key to the bombshell is a local man called Arnaud. The cocky studmuffin—bless his heart—thinks he can charm me out of my panties.
Shall I tell him he’ll fail at the sleeves?
Not yet. Not before I find out how much he knows.
And how much I can get him to blab.

Being a plastic surgeon offers many perks.
Being a good-looking and single plastic surgeon is a nonstop perkfest.
Inexplicably, all the pretty perks think they’re the one to awaken my dormant heart.
All but Sasha, that is.
Sasha is an unlikely cocktail of soft curves, sharp wit, and hard edges wrapped in Kevlar thicker than mine.
I wonder how she became like that…
Did a cruel fiancé jilt her at the altar? Or did her dad abandon her as callously as mine did me?
Anyway, here comes the hilarious part:
A half brother I just met wants me to work with Sasha to solve a 200-year-old mystery and save his—and my—secret realm. He’s nuts, of course.
But hey, this could be a fun ride!

"The Boss Prince" (It’s Raining Royals #2) is a sexy, fun-filled and heartwarming tale that you can read as a standalone. It also features a "The Da Vinci Code" like treasure hunt throughout France to keep you turning pages. 

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