Thursday 30 September 2021

Cowboy Billionaires


Cowboy Billionaires

Are you ready to binge-read six stories that will keep you up all night long? Follow the twists and turns combined with billion-dollar scandals… all for your reading pleasure. If you love sexy cowboys and enjoy forbidden relationships, secret babies, and second chances, then you have come to the right place.

Book #1 Cowboy’s Curvy Nanny

The job posting forgot to mention the position was for a live-in nanny.
The arrangement feels wrong but it’s for a good cause.
Besides, I enjoy drooling over him.
Even though crushing on my billionaire boss could cost me my job.
But how do I keep my distance from him while we live in the same house?
Especially with his piercing eyes undressing me every single day?

Book #2 Cowboy’s Sassy Roommate

He offered me a place to stay.
And I made the worst decision of my life.
We used to be high school sweethearts.
I thought he’d change his ways after he broke my heart.
But no. I’m now his roommate and he’s about to be a father.
Maybe, just maybe having a baby together will give us a second chance at love.

Book #3 Cowboy’s Fake Girlfriend

A rich cowboy who rescues me from an abusive boyfriend is probably a keeper, right?
His name holds a lot of weight in this small town.
I bet every girl is jealous of me when he checks me out.
He’d do anything to get this aggressive ex off my back.
Playing fake girlfriend to a hot shot cowboy sounded fun at first.
But fake has turned into real for me.
Will I end up with a shattered heart?

Book #4 Cowboy’s Tempting Neighbor

I’m a cowboy billionaire with no time to waste.
No time for permanent relationships, but I do want children.
My only solution was to hire an agency and get a surrogate.
And my only problem is the girl that I’m falling for.
Ellie is an amazing single mom. She makes me want to have children with her.
I want us to be a family. I want Ellie to be mine. But will her secret and my mistake prevent that from ever happening?

Book #5 Cowboy’s Innocent Assistant

That’s the only word that comes to mind when I remember the night I spent with my boss.
The man who supposedly doesn’t have a heart.
But there’s a gentleman underneath that rough and alpha cowboy.
I’ve seen that man. I’ve felt his presence.
It’s why I let him take my V-card.
None of that means anything unless we find a way to make this appropriate
Especially, if I’m pregnant?

Book #6 Cowboy’s Accidental Wife

I’ve made plenty of terrible decisions in my life, but none of them compare to what I did this weekend.
I should’ve listened to my inner voice screaming at me when I agreed to go to Vegas with him.
My sworn enemy from high school who made my life a living hell.
Now he’s a client. One that I find impossible to stay away from.
He’s enough to make my common sense go out the window.
Fast forward to this weekend. I’ve got a wedding ring on my finger in Vegas.
And I’ve got some explaining to do:
Accidentally married.
Secretly in love.
And royally screwed. 

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