Monday, 27 September 2021

Daddy’s Fake Fiancée


Daddy’s Fake Fiancée 

He’s an aging actor… a hot aging actor.
And I’d be stupid to decline his tempting offer. 

The arrangement is simple… or so it seems. 
Chaz needs to be in the public eye to make himself known again.
And what better way to do it than have a young fiancée by his side?
That’s where I come in. 
I’ll admit it – the fancy perks are nice. 
But the best part about it is being close to him. 
Falling for him wasn’t a part of our contract.
And controlling my impulses becomes harder when I see him shirtless. 

How is the simple young girl in me supposed to resist an older celebrity like him?
Yes, he’s a playboy.
He’s also been divorced. 
And if all that wasn’t enough…
He might have just used me. Big time. 

It seems like running away is my only option. 
But will I be leaving with my heart intact? 

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