Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Crushing On My Son's Tutor

Crushing On My Son's Tutor

Built, handsome, a self-made CEO…you can’t blame me for flirting a little, can you? 
The only problem – Lukas was nearly 20 years older than me…
…and has a crazy ex-wife.  
I guess I’ll just stick with tutoring his son…
…for now. 

Moving to a tiny town was what I needed after spending my whole life in a large city.
I had my degree, a little house I’d inherited, and a job at a nice school teaching second graders.
What more did I need?

I had my whole life ahead of me to figure things out,
and this town was the perfect place to do it.

I wasn’t expecting Lukas to come crashing down on me like a bomb primed to explode.
He was older, but my life was a hundred times more put together than his.
He was wiser, but betrayal and loss had made him cynical.
He was everything I wasn’t, but embracing “opposites attract” made us stronger.

But what I really wasn’t prepared for was his crazy ex-wife…
…and if our bond will be strong enough to endure everything that’s thrown at us.

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