Friday, 24 September 2021

His Claim


His Claim



When a best friend calls in a favor, asking that I watch over his kid as he steps away—attending some business meeting overseas—I accept knowing I owe the guy one.

Tommy has remained a friend over the worst of my years. A week of keeping his daughter safe is the least I can do.

Plus a young girl like Annie Day shouldn’t be spending her time alone. Even if the girl is now legal, recalling how all of us just celebrated last week…

But alone with the goddess now, I can hardly stand another breath without her lips on mine. Tempting me with that innocent, forbidden fruit I’m finding my thoughts getting tangled in ever since her party.

The way she looked in that little white dress blowing out those candles…

I made a promise I swore to keep. But will Annie be safe when an animal such as myself is the one watching her over? 

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