Thursday 30 September 2021

The Denial Game

The Denial Game


I need a fresh start and a better vetting process for boyfriends.

I kick-start my new life in small-town Landry with a teaching job and a self-imposed dating ban. For the foreseeable future, my life is all about school supplies and celibacy.

But the devastatingly attractive high school football coach who makes me laugh and steals my dry erase markers is hard to ignore.

Taylor Shaw has the whole town under his spell, and he’s determined to win me over, too. Drooling over his chiseled chest as he runs practice drills and fantasizing about inappropriate trysts under the bleachers will only lead down a path of temptation—one I am determined to avoid.

So, I tell him we can be friends and coworkers. Nothing more.

Because the truth is, my family ruins every relationship I ever have, and I won’t risk subjecting Taylor to their underhanded manipulations.

But "just friends” is harder than it sounds.

And celibacy might be downright impossible. 

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