Tuesday 14 September 2021

Not What They Seem


Not What They Seem

Nothing spells disaster like a cop falling for two criminals…

It sounded more like the beginning of a joke than a recipe for romance. There I was, a star officer on my way to big things, when I landed on my ass in the middle of the biggest mess I could have imagined—with two of the absolute sexiest men I’d ever laid eyes on.

Back on the force, the sky was the limit—I’d already busted up a trafficking ring, and I was determined to make a massive drug operation my next victory.

One little problem. Right now, instead of getting a star pinned to my uniform, I’m holed up in a cabin in the Colorado wilderness with a couple of hardened thugs.

And I’m their hostage.

I should be spending every waking moment trying to get out of this. The thing is… I’m not sure I want to get out of it. Everything about Nathan and Dominic flies in the face of my goals, my training, my entire life.

But when they touch me…

Well, let’s just say this is no open and shut case. And now that I know what’s possible, now that I’ve felt the heat between us, I don’t know if I want to let them go.

And I don’t know if I could even if I tried.

***NOT WHAT THEY SEEM is a fast-paced, standalone menage romance for readers who like their bad boys ripped and ready to share. Guaranteed HEA.***


US / UK / Canada / Australia 

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