Saturday, 25 September 2021

Dragon Brother’s Fake Fiancé


Dragon Brother’s Fake Fiancé

A night of debauchery with my sexy best friend had consequences. 
I should have resisted, but I’d been crushing on Atlas for years.

Nine months later, I needed to get on with my life.
I had a career. Raising a baby was not an option.
Atlas’ family were billionaires and loved kids.
And I’d convinced myself…
He would be the perfect single dad for our baby.

But Atlas had a secret.

He was a dragon shifter fighting to save humanity,
And being his child’s mother put me in danger.
He promised to protect us.
All three of us.
Pose as his fake fiancé and move in with his family.
I’ll admit, the engagement charade sounded fun.
And his moody eyes were irresistible.
But I needed a break from the drama.


Our baby and I got snatched away,
And Atlas literally swooped down to rescue us,
Igniting the final battle between the dragons and evil.
But our love was left hanging in the balance.
Could Atlas keep us safe?

Will fate have her way and ensure our destiny together forever? 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

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