Thursday 30 September 2021

Surrendered to the Berserkers


Surrendered to the Berserkers

After a thousand years entombed, the Corpse King has broken the witch’s binding and risen again. He’s raised an army and will rule us all unless we fight and stop him. And I'm the one who holds the key to his defeat.

The witches have tasked me with this mission but they don't trust me. They send two Berserkers to be my guides, my protectors and my guards. Ragnar and Loki are powerful warriors but if they think I'm a naive innocent they can control, they are very much mistaken. I trust them as little as they trust me, and I am on my guard.

What I don't expect is for them to breach my defenses. Bind my worries. Tear down my walls and make me forget my fears. It would be so easy to lose myself to them, but love is a luxury I do not have.

The Berserkers want forever, but I give them one night, because one night is all I have. Tomorrow I face the Corpse King and fight to save everything I hold dear. And in this final battle, I may not survive... 

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