Friday 24 September 2021

Romanced By The Billionaire


Romanced By The Billionaire

Fake it till you make it…


Our fake engagement is officially out of control. I’m now married to Harry… for real. The worst thing is that this is all just a game to him. I’ve let myself get too caught up in Harry Roman, and it might destroy me – if my secret doesn’t get to us first…


I went all the way to keep Quinn in my life. I love her – but she’s still convinced I only care about keeping my family man charade going. But I want more. I’ll win her heart if it’s the last thing I do.

Harry and Quinn are madly in love. There’s only one problem – neither of them can admit it yet. Harry wants nothing more than to spill his heart and win over Quinn for real, but she’s ready to run to protect him from her troubled past. As they dig themselves deeper into a fake relationship that has become all-too-real for them, these two unlikely lovers will be forced to realize that they can’t let each other go…

Can Harry and Quinn bring themselves to be honest about what they feel? Or will their love story end before they get the chance to admit that neither of them has been pretending all along?

Gear up for the thrilling next adventure in this scintillatingly steamy enemies-to-lovers romance. With an instant family, a fake marriage, and everyone’s favorite playboy billionaire, Quinn and Harry’s love affair is about to get real – but are either of them prepared for what that means? 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

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