Sunday, 19 September 2021

His Curvy Trouble


His Curvy Trouble

Like a storm, she is trouble, but Derek would rather risk sinking his boat.

Derek finds himself in an uncomfortable situation when he is charged with supervising a special intern. She is the daughter of his boss' friend and destined for great things. He hates her pride and her attitude, but her big, curvy body more than makes up for that in the minds of his fellow lawyers.

Disgusted by their open admiration of the intern, Derek decides to make life difficult for her. In the process, he unknowingly digs a hole large enough for his passion to fill and begins to see the intern in another light. He plans to leave, however, and the memory of hot nights that he has with her may be just that: memories.

The intern, Sasha, is highly placed by birth. She finds many things boring and would rather be a model than work at a law firm. Her supervisor does not help matters. He dislikes her from the very beginning, and she returns the favor even though she admits he is handsome and built like a beast.

Her defense shatters when she dares him on a night out in Florida. What is supposed to be a business trip turns into hot nights of passion. Who says business and pleasure cannot mix?

There is only one problem now. She is set to be engaged by her fiancéa billionaire, but her developing feelings for her supervisor are in the way. 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

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