Friday, 3 September 2021

Daddy Esquire


Daddy Esquire

Twenty seven years older.



The farming and ranching boys my age are okay for a roll in the hay.

But I’m looking for someone on FetLife who will discipline me and tell me I’m a "good girl".

Someone like him.
Internet personalities are not always what they seem. I learned that the hard way.
But when I meet Arthur in real life, I discover he is everything his online pics promised and he is going to do much more than make me call him “Daddy”.
He’s going to teach me to be a very badly behaved girl indeed.

★From Amazon Best Seller: Olivia Fox comes this age gap, billionaire daddy dom romance. Daddy Esquire is part of the Silver Fox Daddy series, because let’s face it, older men know how to treat a woman. Each book is a standalone, naughty ever after. Transport yourself into the charming and magical town of Briarville and beyond. Follow these commanding yet gentle heroes on their quests to find lasting love and naughtiness on the real live Lost Coast of California.★ 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

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